Monday, July 5, 2010

Finding Friends

Yesterday, I had to work.  It was a crazy day, but the best part of my day was making a new quilting friend.  I had mentioned to one of my patients that I like quilting and when her cousin, Linda, came to visit, she called me in.  Linda had brought a table runner she had finished to show her cousin, so I got to see that.  And Linda, like any good quilter, also had a packet of quilt pictures from some shops and shows she had recently attended.

As I was leaving, Linda and I sat down and had a chat.  She's from out of town, so I shared my favorite quilt shops from the area.  We talked about the projects we are each working on and that we both love hand applique.  Of course, I mentioned my blog, because that's where I share my projects and such.

There was an instant bond between us.  Linda, if you're reading this, our chat was the bright spot in my day.  It felt as though we had been friends forever.  I loved seeing the pictures and the projects.  Your personality is as bright and warm as the colors in your quilts!

This why I blog, too.  It's about sharing our passion for quilts and the joy of making something beautiful with our own hands.  Aren't we lucky to have these golden opportunities to share what we love?

Linda, I found a picture of a quilt from the NQA show in Columbus, Ohio, to share with you because we both love hand applique.

I hope you all have a great quilting day today!