Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Days!

Of course, that means I can't stay inside and sew! Actually, this weekend I dragged by boys on a jaunt to 2 shops that are on shop hop this weekend. They were really, really patient and let me do a little shopping even. I had to reward them with a trip to one of their favorite parks and ice cream afterward. Bribery works every time!

So, I purchased my first jelly roll on the shop hop, Garden Party by Blackbird Designs. I just couldn't resist all those soft springy colors. I've been studying Bonnie Hunter's Sister's Choice pattern as one option to use it. I've always loved the block and Bonnie's method for making 9 patches from one strip set is fabulous. You can find her directions here.

I started a Sister's Choice quilt once, using solids and a cream background, but there were all these HST's to make... (whine, whine!) This technique might be my salvation. Thanks, Bonnie!

The last few weeks have been hectic for me, but our workload has been down at work, too, so I've been able to take a couple of extra days off. Tomorrow, my DH and I are going out to do the eastern leg of the shop hop. Then I have to hunker down and get back to work again.

Unfortunately, all the running around means I'm not sewing much. I finished the blocks of a Quilts for Kids project, so that's ready for borders.

I'm still working on my Promise Stitch pillow. I'm putting applique on the back, as is usually done. I have some quilting to do on the front panel and I've finished my hand crocheted lace for the sides of the pillow.

I'm doing a BOM quilt with my quilt guild. I got the first block done. I'm still picking colors for the second block. This block is all applique and I like to do that by hand. I'm doing it in Civil War fabrics. I'd better get started this week.

Sorry, no pictures again. I have mislaid the camera...again. It will surface when I least expect it.

Hope things are sunny in your world today!

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  1. funny, I was sitting here waiting for the pictures of your jelly roll and things...and at the apologize for no pictures...duhhhhhhh...I would still be sitting...too funny. Glad you did some shopping and I look forward to your pictures.