Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going to the Fair

I love the 4-H fair in our town.  I am not a farmer and I actually never lived in a place that had 4-H clubs when I was the right age to participate.  We do live in the country and I love watching the crops grow in the fields around our house.

So, the middle of the summer is marked by the 4-H fair.  There's no midway, but they do have tractor/truck pulls and demolition derbys that everyone loves to go to.  They have the animals on display in the barns and all the projects the kids have made to enter in the fair.  The winners in each category get to go to the State Fair, which is another big deal around here.

My kids don't do much with 4-H but they love the fair.  And the food is fantastic!

For the past two years, I and some of the ladies from my quilt club have demonstrated hand quilting on a frame in the Agricultural Museum on the fairgrounds.  The blocks were made and donated by the quilters in our local quilt club.  Another member put the quilt together and we set up the frame in the museum. 

Anyone who came by and wanted to put some stitches was welcome to do so.  Altogether, I'd guess that 50 or more people had something to do with putting this quilt together.  Because we did most of the quilting only at the fair, it took us a while to finish it.  But finally, it is done.

This shows the quilting on the back.  Sorry it's not the greatest picture.

This past week, on the last day of the fair, they auctioned off the quilt and the proceeds went to support the museum.  We were happy to get $475 from our labor of community love.  I had a fabulous time working on the quilt and now I can't wait to start another.


  1. What a lovely quilt...and great proceeds....

  2. That's a beautiful quilt and what a great thing to get to participate in! Hope things are good with you and yours!

  3. The quilt is beautiful and the back!
    What a great and worthy project for so many people to be involved in. I love where anyone who wanted to put some stitches in were allowed to do it --- what a great idea!

  4. Beautiful, classic quilt done in such a classic way! Love that.

  5. This is really lovely. The Log Cabin is such an easy design and I've made quite a few myself including the Barn Raising design like this.

    Great fabric choices too. The red centers really pop off the blues and creams.

  6. Dig that crazy corner block! I can't help myself, I'll make five or six quilts and then have to do another log cabin. Fun to piece and a blast to set.

  7. My guild in CO. does an exhibit of quilts and hand quilting one week a year at the local library it's a great way to keep the craft current in peoples minds.

  8. We didn't grow up on a farm but we did have a few chickens and a big garden so we were all in 4H growing up - both the homemaking and agricultural clubs. I lay much of the credit for my sewing and cooking/baking skills to being part of those clubs (I did 18, I think) and to our instructor - mom! So glad that the tradition continues.

  9. What a wonderful quilt project to be involved in! Here in the uk it is the season of the Country Fayre but I've not made it along to one this year for various reasons. Yours sounds fun!