Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Invisible Heroines

Tonight I dedicate my post to all the invisible hero(ine)s around us. My friend's mother died on Friday. Her list of accomplishments is not so unusual, because we all know the moms who bake for the bake sale, lead the cub scout den, organize the fundraisers for the band boosters and make so many activites happen. These activites don't seem like much indivually, but added up they make such a difference in the lives of the people around them. Many of these people don't even see or appreciate the things these magnificent women do. And many might think that "magnificent" is too strong of a word for what they do. Lots of people just take them for granted.

But I love them and all they do. It's "no big deal" to come up with all these ideas that make the lives of kids richer and more interesting.

Georgia, my friend's mother, along with her husband, Tom, touched the lives of hundreds of kids. She was Mrs. Claus at the cottage down by the courthouse every winter and passed out the candy to the kids at her daughter's house every Halloween. She got right down and talked to all these kids face to face and made them feel interesting and the center of attention. It's such an important thing to do for a child.

I am inspired by her life and the way that she passed on these qualities to her daughter who does so much for her family, her church and her community. I am proud to know them and I learn things from them all the time.

Today is to honor the life of Georgia Clark, one of the millions of invisible heroines, an amazing and magnificent woman.

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