Monday, October 26, 2009

Beauty in Nature

I am becoming a compulsive blogger. I can't wait to get home to read my blog news and when I tear myself away it's to run to the sewing room to try out something new.

Well, yesterday I managed to drag my kids away from screens of any kind (except the digital camera, of course) into the great outdoors. We took a walk in a nearby state park late in the afternoon. It was a little cloudy, but I was glad it was not raining. I also included a picture of a colorful tray of stones from the rock show. The pic was on my mind and I wanted to include it today.

I stopped into my LQS today and found this cool ruler that I saw demonstrated at a recent club meeting. It's the perfect solution to my raffle basket table runner. You can take any border fabric and make a neat table runner in no time at all. I didn't have time for pictures today, but i put together a sample and it's fantastic.

Gotta go. I'm getting tired and brain dead.


  1. Can you believe the variety of color? Honestly there is no greater art than that which I can see through my window!

  2. Just having a little visit - I guess it is Kris? - early Sunday morning here and I'm having my coffee! Your blog is just lovely and I see you are such a Busy Girl - makes life fun! Beautiful Fall over there!
    Hugs - Lurline♥