Saturday, October 3, 2009

Colors in the rain

Two funerals in two weeks. My life has not had any room for creativity, just survival. Today is the coldest, rainiest day we've had in a long time. But when I looked out the front window, there was a beautiful color combination laid out in front of me. The grass next to the house is a bright kelly green, then a slash of the silver grey of the driveway; above this a mottled brown-gold of the fall meadow with its mix of plants and bushes. Finally, topping it all, that marvelous orange rust color of ripe soybeans in the field, a color I love. The rain made it all more intense. I bet you haven't heard anyone rhapsodize on the color of soybeans in the fall, but I could. The tableau was a gift to me on an otherwise drab, low-energy day.

One of my favorite quilt tops is one I made with solids in the center in a Churn Dash block, using orange as the background color. It's a signature piece for me. (I need to get it quilted.) I used a colorful batik that kind of had a lot of bubblegum colors in it, but it worked with the center. I call it Exploded Amish style.

Orange is my signature color. My friends from quilt club tease me and compliment my unique sense of combining color. I don't necessarily like things to match exactly. I never buy a whole group of fabrics from a line to make a quilt with. I believe that color is a language that we use to express our individual personalities. I love the nuances that can be seen in different color combinations and the ways that colors can change depending on what's in the mix. In a way, that's also true of the dynamics between people.

Enough musing, I need to go bathe myself in color in my sewing room and see if I can make any sense of things.

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