Saturday, October 24, 2009

New project list

I haven't gotten back to my goals for sewing and quilting. Let's see what I had on my list:

1) "new fabric" backpack -- Well, that was to be the practice piece for my FMQ goal and the backpack pattern I hadn't done yet. I have finished the quilting on that block of fabric. But I went back to an earlier panel of beautiful orange/brown/red fabrics that I had created to make into a backpack. I quilted this panel in no time using the techniques I have been practicing on the "new fabric" piece. I plunged right into finishing the backpack and, voila!, it is done.

Here's the picture of my beautiful new backpack in my signature color, orange. I was waiting for a project that would put this fabric in the spotlight and I think it was a good choice. It goes with everything I'm wearing this season. I will finish the "new fabric" one sometime, but there are other projects looming.

Here's the back:

And a close-up of the FMQ:

I love the button on the front, too.

2) snowman table runner -- That piece kind of fell to the side while I worked on my practice piece. I'd better pick it up again and just get it quilted. I have a lot of projects that are mostly waiting to be pin basted. I just need the space and time to get it done. Piecing is easier because you don't have to do it all in one sitting.

3) casserole carrier -- I don't even have a pattern yet. This one may not happen.

4) hexagon rosettes for the Australian challenge -- I brought this up at my quilt club and now I am scheduled to do a demonstration on this technique at the November meeting. I have a lot of prep work to do to get ready.

Well, that's the update on my previous list. Now I need to list the newer projects I've been working on.

1) Venetian dream -- I saw this neat pattern in a recent Fons and Porter "Easy Quilts" issue and decided I would just pull fabrics from my older blues and greens just to move some of my fabrics off the shelf. I cut out the pieces in no time. Now it's a great little project to just piece on when I need to fondle fabric for my mental well-being.

I also picked out fabrics to do a Christmas version. Sometimes the planning bogs me down, especially when I don't have the right fabrics on hand. I'll do the sashing in white again, too.

2) Christmas panel quilt -- I picked up this cute snowman panel by Deb Strain at my LQS along with some coordinating fabrics. They had a cute little lap quilt someone from the shop had created to showcase the fabrics, so I decided to try to recreate it. This week I cut out the blocks and sewed strips log cabin style around them. Now I'm ready for sashing and whatever I want to do with the borders. It will work up quick.

3) "Ray of Sunshine" quilt -- This was originally a quilt intended for someone else. It's kind of a large baby quilt. The colors weren't right for the original recipient (my decision), so I've substituted another quilt. This was from a pattern in Quiltmaker, I think, that I wanted to get some of my quilt club members to use for a charity quilt pattern. It uses 2 1/2 " strips and would be perfect for a jelly roll quilt, even though the pattern was written before they introduced jelly rolls.

4) We're having a basket raffle in November at my work. Each of our 5 departments will make up a themed basket. I thought I'd get another Christmas panel and make some placemats or a table runner to put in. They should work up quick.
That's a pretty big list. I haven't even mentioned the piles of WIP's and tops waiting for quilting. It took a lot of work, but I'm pretty pleased with this list. I've had a pretty productive week for a person with limited free time. But my DH has been patient with my burst of creativity. Well, I guess I better get back to the laundry, etc. Got to get ready for Monday.


  1. Kris - I love orange too - in fact my bedroom is a dark pumpkin orange! It's a warm color that makes me feel good all the time. You did a great job on your backpack. The picture of fall in your previous post looks like what I see here in MN. And it has been wet but still with the trees changing I still love it! Best, Lisa

  2. The backbook is very pretty and you did a great job on it. I also love your quilts in progress!

  3. your choice of colors....