Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's a good day in Kris's world. Even though it was rainy and gloomy out and my heater on my car is still not fixed, and so on and so on. I actually got into my sewing room and got something done. Of course I don't have pictures yet (it's that or sew), but I got my lively orange batik backpack done. Well, except for the drawstring because I don't have the right kind of cord to use. It looks fabulous!

You have to understand that I rarely get things finished and I was very slow to get this project started. I knew it would be a great project to practice my quilting skills on. I had the main panel sewed back in July before the kids got back from camp. I was supposed to take the machine quilting class on Aug 1 and this would be my first project. Then the kids came back and my life was no longer my own. Then the sad events of September came along and it's only in the last few weeks that I'm getting some time for myself.

Out of my sewing time has come 1) my backpack, 2) my quilting sampler panel that will be worked into another backpack which is made completely with scraps, and 3) my "Rays of Sunshine" top that is just waiting for a border. The pieces are cut, I just have to cut iron and measure the top again.

Tonight my son is working on another school project that he left to the last minute. I have an apple cake in the oven that I threw together while supervising his work. I have Project Runway to look forward to tonight. It's always Sunshine and Shadow.

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