Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's another weekend of football with the kids and catching up on sleep. We are all in various stages of head colds, so not a lot of energy. Adam has a project to complete for his Native American project at school which will involve sewing a rabbit pelt we bought recently into a pouch. I hope it goes smoothly.

I still haven't got a camera and my recent paltry efforts together for a photo shoot. Maybe that will happen this week. But I've been strolling through the Blogger's Quilt Show and studying quilting techniques I've found there. It's reassuring to see some of the same ideas I'm using in my filler sampler that I'm working on. Eventually the panel I'm making will be made into a backpack. I'm learning about the importance of space to give the batting room to breathe. My favorite filler is a feathered vine that I FMQ'd, similar to Leah's Fern and Stem.

I cam across a recipe for a One Bowl Apple Cake that I will make today and report on. It looks fantastic and just what I was looking for. Maybe I'll make one for work, too.

I have to escape to my sewing room while I can to do something before everyone is up and about. Not an exciting post, but something at least.

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